Hi my name is Kat and I’m the mama of Paisley Nova. I want to share with you how I’m “Momming. “ Let’s be real, does any parent know what they’re doing 100% of the time? I sure don’t! Everyday is a learning process for me and I rely a lot on my other mama friends for advice and tips to keep me moving along. Everything on this blog will show you my personal experience as a new mom.

Where I got the name? Well, we all have “hiccups” along the way, right, little surprises and unexpected turns? Plus, Paisley always had hiccups!!! They were the cutest, tiniest sounding hiccups I ever did hear.

And so, Tiny Hiccups was born.

Hope you enjoy this parenthood journey with me as I share my world with you.


Kat and Paisley