Dock a Tot

Paisley basically lived in this thing since we brought her home from the hospital! We even got the cute design by Miss Mighetto. She hated sleeping in the bassinet and would only sleep in the dock a tot. We started with the deluxe size and graduated to the grand once she started rolling over. She is currently 14 months old and still takes random naps in it and uses it to lounge. Although pricey, we definitely got our moneys worth with this product.

Paisley in a Dock a Tot

Zoli Nail File and Frida Nail Clippers

I put these items together cause its in the same “nail” category. How freaky to have to cut your little ones nails when they’re so freakin teeny tiny!!! What a nightmare to cut your baby and watch their tiny fingers bleed! shudders So happy I bought the Zoli nail file because it came with different texture pads that you can switch out as their nails get firmer. So easy to use and does not irritate the skin around the nail! Once her nails started getting thicker, I got the Frida nail clipper and absolutely love them. The shape of the clippers make it fool proof! They even have a little window where you can see exactly where you’re cutting. Can’t wait til she’s older so we can start having manicures and paint those little piggies. Hehe.

Floor Mat

Wow these floor mats saved us from so many head banging accidents! I’m sure not everyone wants their living room to become a play yard but oh well. These are prefect for when baby is small and they’re doing tummy time too. We have 3 different mats laid on our living room floor. Wish they made a HUGE one. But these will do.

Paisley on the floor mat

Dr Browns Bottles

After so much research and asking my mommy friends for advice, these were the #1 choice. Paisley did so well feeding from these bottles! There are 3 pieces to it so it was more time consuming to clean all the crevices, but so worth it. These are the best for gassy babies IMO.

Paisley drinking from a Dr. Browns bottle

Keekaroo Peanut Diaper Changer

We love this thing!! It’s squishy to the touch and is so easy to clean! No covers required. I would randomly place a swaddle on it for extra cushion but not necessary.

Paisley in the Keekaroo Peanut diaper changer

Diaper Genie

Holy SHIT. Seriously. This masks the smell of shit. We lived in an apartment and always changed her diaper in the living room so that’s where this bad boy was. Also happened to be near our dining table (ew) but wow, it works so well! You have to buy separate bags for it which you can get at target, amazon or even costco! You press the foot pedal, lid opens and a secret opening appears, say bye-bye to dirty diapers!

Nuby Teethers

These silicone teethers are the best! Among her 100 different teethers, this was by far her favorite. Sometimes I would dip it into ice water to soothe her gums.

Paisley using the Nuby teether

Fisher Price Rainforest Jumparoo

When baby is small, this is great to entertain them! I would drop her in this thing if I needed to step away for a sec. But when they get bigger and learn to crawl out, be careful! haha

Paisley in the jumper


I LOVE baby wearing!!! OMG it just feels so damn good to have your baby close to your body like this! Paisley LOVED being “sollied.” I sometimes even nursed her while wearing. One of my most used baby items for sure.

Paisley in the Sollywrap

Boppy / Brest Friend

I used both of these while nursing and loved them. Boppy is a comfy U-shape pillow that is easy to use. Works great as a tummy time pillow too. My Brest Friend was great for my back but not as convenient cause you have to use the strap. But it holds sturdy and made nursing a breeze.

Paisley sitting int the Boppy

Hope you enjoy the list!